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  • 20 November 2022
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Hi there

I’ve created an opt in form with multiple several lists that users can sign up to. However, I’m now asking myself would it be better to have an opt in to just the newsletter and incorporate opt ins to other lists via a drip feed of emails within the welcome flow.

Firstly is it possible to embed an opt in within the body of an email?

If it is possible, does anyone know where I can find the instructions on how to do it as I haven’t been able to find any yet?

What would you advise me to do, please? Is it better to have one opt in form with all the options on it or drip feed information gradually? I’d really appreciate your feedback please.

Mine is a marketing business so I operate B2B only.

and finally … yes I know the opt in looks awful, all feedback welcome!

Thank you very much, Emma





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You can insert a link into the body of your email linking to a page on your site where you have embedded a sign up form.


As for which is best a) show multiple fields on sign up or just a couple and build the profile information over time.. My hunch is to try the former and see how it goes. However of course the best approach is to A/B test the two options and see if the extra fields and choice blindness reduces the number of sign ups… As you are in B2B it may not dorp signups as much as it would in B2C..

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Hi @Emmington,

In my opinion its always better to collect general optin for newsletter and additional data you can use to segment and personalize the content for you customers. But if you anytime would like to contact all of them you can.

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Hey @Emmington,


I would look to keep your initial pop up form simple and less than 3 fields (name, email, 1 data point of interest). Opt in rates dramatically decrease when you have 3 or more fields in a pop up. You could potentially look into a secondary data/preference collection in your email flows. Asking people their choice versus requiring them to fill a form will help build trust and increase collection rates. Hope this helps!