Multiple Popups show in a row

  • 10 July 2024
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Hi I have 2 issues, 

firstly, clicking on the cookies banner closes the klayvio pop up - how do i stop this? 


Secondly, I’m using multiple popups targeting different category pages. I can do this easily using the url exclusions so a popup will fire when url contains, eg /waterproof and the other one wont. The issue arises when they close the waterproof popup, but then head to a product page (which is from the waterproof category) that does not contain /waterproof. Then the original pop up appears. Was just wondering if there is a clever way to get around this to avoid seeing both pop ups.

The positive note is all the popups in use are “excellent” rated, so in terms of email capture it doesn’t matter that much, but just dont want to bombard a customer with 2 different popups in a row. 


I have it set where if they are in klayvio they wont see the pop up, so in theroy if they sign up on the first pop up they wont see the second one anyway. 

Essentially I need something that works as “if seen any popup today, dont show any other popup” 

(for reference I have 3 different pop ups, all with different sign up offers all targeting distinct product categories and all recieving different traffic) if you need to test 



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First things first, if you want your pop-up to be persistent, you need to untick this option:

Targeting & Display > Display

Secondly, if you head over to the sign-up forms and you click the button on the top right, you get this:


Lastly, make sure that this option is on please:

Hope that helps,