My 1 Pop Up Wont Work and The Other is Overpowering it?

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Hey guys,

I have 2 Pop Ups Created and I have one set to pop up on all pages except for 1, and then the other set to only pop up on that 1 page. 

However, the single page one is not being displayed to anyone and that is my best selling product, where most of my Traffic goes to. 

How can I fix this? I even tried turning off the other one that goes to all pages and woke up the next day and no new views even. Even though that page on my website had lots of hits during that time. 

So how can I fix these pop ups?


Tim S. 


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Hi there @YBLGoods,

Welcome to the Community.

Without knowing too much about the setup of your form behavior, I think that this might be occurring if you are using a specific link to determine whether or not a form appears. This is why in some cases for pages that could have different URLs, we suggest using “containing” rather than exactly so that we can account for any string of parameters that your website is adding at the end of a given URL. This is just my first guess but of course, feel free to share your form behavior settings and we can take a deeper look here.


Thank you!

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Echoing what David said, please send a screenshot of the form behavior set up for the one that is not showing.

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If it's the url which is causing issues, make sure it's using containing instead of exactly matching