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  • 24 October 2023
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Test videoI used GemPages(an App in Shopify) to design a landing page, which used Klaviyo elements, but I found that sometimes the Klaviyo elements in the landing page could not be displayed, and sometimes it was very laggy. What should I do? This problem makes the landing page unusable. 


My LP:





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Hi there @SmartSpice


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


I can confirm the form loaded for me successfully! So if we can confirm that the .js is successfully loaded onto your site’s backend, but you are experiencing lagging or waiting for the form to display, the issue could be some Javascript on the site that is not loading properly or old code leftover from a previous integration. 


I’d encourage you to check out these threads by users with similar issues to gain more insight!


However, if after investigation, you are still experiencing issues, I’d recommend considering fully custom coding the signup form so it doesn’t require Klaviyo .JS and loads faster. That was an issue another member of the Community ran into and pursued as well! However, it should be noted that if you do not feel comfortable custom coding, I’d reach out to your developer or a Klaviyo partner to help set this up for you! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!