• 3 August 2023
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Hello all,


I recently started using Klaviyo for pop ups on my website. I noticed that it does pop up on my website but it is all blank. Does anyone know how this can be fixed ? There should be words.. :/



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3 replies

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Hi there @smoko


Welcome to the Community and Klaviyo in general! We’re happy you’re here! Sorry you’re experiencing this, happy to help!


If you are seeing this issue on your site, but not in your form builder in Klaviyo, the issue might be the presence of conflicting CSS in the backend of your website. I would ask your developer to investigate your website’s code to see if this could be the reason for this issue! In fact, another user had a similar issue recently and I’d encourage you to check out this thread and additional resources I shared there to gain more insight!


Additionally, as your a new to Klaviyo, here are some more resources to get you started with a strong foundation! Make sure to join a user group based on your industry , learn from our experts in the industry, and check out our Academy courses and live trainings as well!  


Hope this helps! Again, welcome to Klaviyo and the Community! You’ll get the hang of this soon and if not, we’re always here to help you learn and grow!


Hello I have a similar issue on my website. down on left side there is a kind of popup “get 15% off “

Ho can I remove it ?

Thanks upfront for your help !



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Hi there @Chiara Capizzi


Welcome to the Community! This is the teaser for a Klaviyo form and can definitely be removed if you don’t want it there. You can do this easily by following these steps laid out be a fellow Community member below! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!