No email received after entering email in signup form

  • 16 August 2021
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I have set up a signup form that offers a 10% discount.  I tested it and was expecting that the customer would receive an email in addition to the code showing in the pop up box.  However, in my test I didn’t get an email.  Is that how it is supposed to work (i.e. just the coupon code on the screen and no follow up email)?




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Hello @Gladys,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Do you happen to have any flows triggered off of the list associated with your signup form? If you did not have a list triggered flow set up in place, then customers who subscribe and signed up to the form would not receive any other emails besides the double opt-in confirmation email. This sort of flow is more commonly known as a Welcome Series flow. 

To provide your customers with a discount code housed in an email in response to a customer subscribing to your signup form and being added to a list, I recommend including your discount code in the first email of your Welcome Series flow. Since flows are a set of automated emails being sent out to customers in response to actions your customer takes; in this case subscribing and being added to a list, your customers would automatically receive an email with the discount code. You can learn more about the benefits of a Welcome Series flow, how to build one out, and some flow basics from the following Help Center articles:

There are also a number of Community Post along the same subject that other Community members have found helpful in further understanding and troubleshooting their own Welcome Series flows. I’ve linked some of these posts below:

Also, keep in mind that at present, dynamic coupon codes are not supported for use in signup forms. Dynamic coupon codes are only supported within emails or SMS used in campaigns or flows as detailed in the Guide to Using Coupon Codes in Klaviyo Help Center articles. If you wanted to provide your customers with a discount code as part of the signup form such as on the form’s success page, you’ll need to do so by setting up a static discount code within your ecommerce backend and providing that static code in the success message. 

Thanks for being a Klaviyo Community member!


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Thanks Dave.  This was very helpful.

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Hello, I’m having the same issue where I’ve set up multiple flow emails that are not sending out even though I have it triggered when to send out the email

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I have the same issue. We created a sign up form for the newsletter. I can see that the customer is added to the list 'Newsletter'. this list is the trigger for the Flow. 

But customers don't receive the Welcome Series email with the discount code. Can someone help me figuring out why this is not working? 

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Hey @fashionfaceapparel and @SvE,

It’s great to hear contacts are being added to the list! This helps us rule out the cause of it being a misunderstanding of the double opt-in confirmation requirement. 

Since it sounds like users are being fully added to the list, this leads me to believe it’s something related specifically to the flow. Because it is flow related, a common reasons why users would not trigger a flow can be caused by flow filters you have set in place. I would suggest reviewing them to make sure you don’t have conflicting filters in place. For example, if your Welcome Series flow was triggered by users being added to the “Newsletter” list you wouldn’t want to have a flow filter rule of “If someone is or is not in a list, person is not in Newsletter list”. To help with troubleshooting if it was a filter you had causing the issue, you can use the Trigger Preview tool as highlighted in the How to Preview a Flow Trigger Setup Help Center article.

If you’re able to rule out flow filters as the cause of the issue, I would suggest diving into the flow analytics of the first email in the flow to learn more about the causes as to why recipients aren’t receiving the email. By navigating to the Recipient Activity tab of the flow email’s analytics, you can see a wide variety of details such as if contacts were scheduled/waiting for the email, if the email was delivered, opens, clicks, and even if the email was skipped. You’ll want to pay close attention to the Skipped and Other tab as they’ll let you know reasons why emails weren’t sent out such as if the emails bounced or was skipped for any reason. 

Understanding and finding out these details would be helpful in answering why you contacts who successfully subscribed to a list was not delivered an email. If you’re still having trouble, I would suggest taking a look at the Troubleshooting a Flow Help Center article which offers an interactive guide to troubleshoot your flow further. 

I hope this helps!


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Hi David, 

Thanks for your reply. I did something last week and now the newsletter subscribers do receive the email. We also received our first orders from this flow so that is working!



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David, I do have another question. I see that almost 100 newsletter subscribers are not in the Welcome Series flow so didn't receive the discount code for their first order. 

How can I add these subscribers to the flow? I already tried to import these contacts to the 'Newsletter' list but since they are already in the list, it seems like they are not added (again). So don't enter the flow. 

What would you suggest I do now?

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Hey @SvE,

Great follow up question!

Typically, you would be able to use the backpopulate function to retroactively initiate those existing list subscribers into your flow. However, since your flow contains a coupon, this wouldn’t be an option. I would instead capture these users into a segment and manually send a campaign containing a coupon to them. You could also then schedule several campaigns to be sent to this recipient group to mimic your Welcome Series flow if you wanted to as well. 


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I actually duplicated the flow, created a new list with the subscribers and added this list to the new flow. That seems to work :)