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  • 18 January 2024
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Hi there fellow ‘E-Mar’-believers,


I’m in need of your help, so I hope there is an expert here who can educate me 🙏


As a noob to Klaviyo I can't find a way to add a plain number-field to my sign up forms. Currently I’m using a 3rd party signup-form to capture leads. Those leads have to specify how many items they need so I can send the right e-mail sequence. 

I want to use a Klaviyo-form instead but can't find this number field… A regular text field would cause incorrect input and thus clients ending up in the wrong, or worse, none, sequences. 

I’ve searched this forum and half of all the information on google but can’t find an answer and just can’t believe there isn’t a solution to this..

 So please, help me out here dear Community! 

Forever Grateful,



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4 replies

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Welcome to the community @PadelJunkiXL 

If the number of item options is not huge, you can add a single select dropdown block in your Klaviyo form with those options. That will ensure that data is captured correctly from user input.

You create a profile property in your form, say, item_quantity, and then add label/property pairs as in my example below. When a user submits, the custom property is added to their profile with the value chosen.

For your flows, segments etc, you can then select the item_quantity custom property and its value as a condition.

I hope that’s what you’re looking for!



Klaviyo form dropdown block



Thank you @bluesnapper! Very helpful to get me going.

In most occasions however I need my clients to insert an exact number. And because the range is very big (5-10000) a dropdown isn't always the best solution. 

Another problem might be the selection of segments, Because the fields or now textfields and not number field I can't tell Klaviyo to make a segment of, for example, at least 10, at least 50 or at least 2000 etc. but I need to add dozens of values to each segment with a big chance of making mistakes.

Is there another way to make my clients just type in the exact number? 

Currently the imported value from the third party app is correctly show as a ‘number’ property, so it works and I can segment based on numbers and ranges. Also I can add a number property to my clients profiles manually. But in the Klaviyo forms itself I can't make a field like that. 

So close yet so far at the same time! 


Thanks for the help! 

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Hi @PadelJunkiXL 

Ahh...not the solution you were looking for 😀Sorry, I don’t know of a solution using Klaviyo forms! Maybe someone else on here will jump on with an answer for you (or Klaviyo will consider this as a future enhancement),




Thanks for the help and effort anyways! Have a great day 👍