Passing information from signup form back to website

  • 20 January 2022
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Hi all,

I have a signup form that includes simple customer information. Once they submit, they get an email that sends them to specific pages on our website.

If they don’t buy and need more information I want them to click a button that will autopopulate a form to be sent to our outbound contact team.

So my question is, is it possible to take name, company and phone number information from the original form and then autopopulate an email that is sent when they click a button?


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Hello @Gixerstu,

Interesting you case you have here!

I think this should be accomplishable using a Notification step in a flow. I believe the bigger hurtle is finding a method to trigger the flow in order for the notification step to be actionable. 

One way I can see this being accomplished is if the button on your site triggered a custom event when clicked. This in turn would lead to a metric triggered flow activating resulting in the notification step being tripped by the user who clicked on the button. The notification email would then send an email to your outbound team containing the information of the contact who triggered the flow. The notification email sent to your team is able to contain this personalized information by leveraging the profile properties previously recorded from your first signup form. 

To learn more about using the Notification step, I would suggest taking a look at our How to Add a Notification Action to a Flow and Notification Action Use Cases Help Center articles. In addition, to gain a better understanding of building your own custom event, I would recommend taking a look at the available resources on leveraging our API:

There have also been several other Community posts pertaining to a similar subject which may prove helpful. I’ve included some below to get you started!

I hope this helps!