• 21 January 2024
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I have a pop up and after customer write their email automatically a success message appear with the discount code. I don’t want this, I would like to change this and instead they get an automatic email after suscribing, is this possible? 

My website is in shopify. 





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when editing the form look at the top right-hand corner of the page. It has steps. The “success” page is where the discount code is being displayed, You can remove that “step” or edit the contents of the step. 

In order to have the email automatically send after they sign up you need to create a flow. The trigger will be “when added to list” just make sure you name the list appropriately. The pop up needs to be connected to a list as well so make sure the list in pop up and the list that the flow is triggered from is the same. 

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Great answer from @NatiSkin here on how to turn it off. The flow template you can build off here is the Welcome Series.

One piece of advise - displaying the actual coupon code at the time of submission means that the customer does not have to leave your website to browse to their email. This can impact conversion - ideally we don’t have customers navigate away from the website they’re on just to capture a coupon code!


Hi Thank you!


Bus also most customers put fake emails just to get the code, then when sending a newsletter all of those email bounce back as they are fake.

So what is your advice?


I can’t delete the success step, how can I do that to change for an email tread

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@Jaime1985 You can’t remove the entire step (you need to have somewhere that says “Thanks - check your email!”) but you can remove that specific content block on the success step showing the actual coupon.

Are you using unique coupons for each customer?