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I am new and looking for some advice. To give some background, our website has 3 places within the theme to sign up/subscribe to emails. These areas make no incentive offer.

I am now considering creating a pop-up offer for new subscribers which would then have a Welcome flow/offer code email series.

My question is, what are best practices if you have these other areas on your site for subscribing?

  • Does everyone get the offer regardless of where they entered their info?
  • Do only the pop-up subscribers get the offer/coupon and the other get a general welcome email with no offer?
  • Also technically .. is the best way to create this segment from the list with a separate welcome flow or create a filter based on source and use only one welcome flow?

I suppose my concern if someone sees the offer but subscribes in another area of the theme (meaning has this ever caused customer service issues for anyone?)

Any advice/ experience is greatly appreciated!




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Your concern can be fixed. If the forms on your website are embed form and show for everyone and doesn’t have any offer connected to them just a simple subscription.. and you want to offer something extra with a pop-up this shouldn’t be a problem because you can set up the pop up to only show to non Klaviyo subscribers. This means those that are already subscribers wont ever see the pop up so you won’t have those kind of complains.

when it comes to your other questions I’ll try to answer them one by one..

  • No, we have different pop ups and different subscription methods and we usually only give offer to people on exit intent on collection or product page pop up.. we think at this point the customer is interested in some products but decided not to buy so when they look at product and want to leave a page a pop up with offer shows to make them subscribe and get an offer. Usually this is the best performing flow we have..
  • if that is how our subscription models are set yes.. I mean as explained above those people get offer but people subscribing from other places don’t if we don’t promote any offer on those other places. But still even if we don’t promote offer for subscription we still have some offer as 5th or 6th email in the welcome flow for those people if they got to that point to get the 5th/6th email and still haven’t made a purchase..
  • you can do both and it doesn’t make any specific difference. We just want to keep them in 2 different lists and see the data for the 2 different groups of people and see which does better. But also putting them in a same flow and dividing them by source I don’t see as a problem except if you want some detailed data analytics it would be easier if they are 2 different flows..
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Hi Bobi,


Thanks so much for addressing my questions. I really appreciate the detailed insight! I do like that adding an offer to the welcome series for those who did not subscribe via the special offer sign up form will still receive something (based on behavior). Also interesting point about having cleaner data between the two lists to compare. Perhaps might even be a strategy for testing campaign or offer versions outside of using the A/B testing (have you used it this way at all or stick with A/B?)

Thanks again!