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We have one pop up on each store on Shopify and each store is linked to separate Klaviyo account.


Suddenly, the pop ups style skewed now and I didn't change anything in the code or in the format. 


I don't know what's the problem with it.


Please advise.




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Hello @Kam,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Can you provide more details into what seems to be skewed such as providing a screenshot of how the form is supposed to appear and how it is appearing skewed?

If the form looks normal in Klaviyo and is only appear skewed when rendered on your website, I would recommend taking a look and seeing if you happen to have any CSS that may be overriding the form’s CSS. 

In the event the form within Klaviyo appears skewed, I would recommend reviewing the settings of each of the elements in case they were updated by one of your team members accidentally that may have impacted the rest of the form’s styles and elements. 

Thanks for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!


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Thank you for your reply.


Actually, it’s skewed in the website only not on Klaviyo. Surprisingly, the pop ups showing fine today even without doing any changes from my side in CSS. I’m sure I didn’t change or tweak any styling for pop ups but it was skewed for a day and then it shows normally!!!.


Anyway, thanks for your reply and sorry for bothering you :)

Just I need to know what’s causing this problem. I will check with Shopify about it.