Populate email field with value from local storage

  • 27 April 2022
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I have a signup form that collects user email and then redirects to a survey form. Is there a way I can auto-populate the email field from the previous form? I tried using local storage to populate the email field but when I interact with the form the value disappears. Thank!


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3 replies

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Hi @UYJason,

Thanks for sharing this question with our community.

One solution would involve using the auto-fill with email if already tracked box as my colleague David mentions in the thread below:

Also, depending on the information you’re collecting in the survey, you may want to consider adding the critical survey information directly into the sign-up form to collect it all at once. Alternatively, you could look into using a third party sign-up form like Typeform to collect all of this information upfront. Both of these options allow you to collect the email address field only once.

I hope that’s helpful and thanks for being a community member.

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Hi @Dov. Thanks for the response. I don’t see the auto-fill with email if already tracked setting checkbox. Looks like it is a deprecated feature? 


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Hi @UYJason,

Thanks for pointing that out. Indeed! Things change very quickly around here :)

In that case, in addition to the other options in my reply, you could consider working with a developer to add an identify function to the page (leveraging Klaviyo cookies to autopopulate that field). It would use the same principles as the solution with the checkbox, in that it would rely on a user being previously cookied in order for the autopopulation the work. The `_learnq.identify()` function is something that is available to see if a user if identified to Klaviyo. You could probably set the default value for the `email_field_label from there. We have a section in our help center dedicated to custom signup forms if you’d like to have a look at the different form options. I’d also consider checking out our partners page if you’re looking to partner with someone to assist with custom coding.

I hope that’s helpful!