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  • 27 September 2021
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Hi sir,

I have done a newsletter popup for new subscribers. I wan to show the popup for all users except subscribers in segment of NEWSLETTER.  I have tested all the “TARGETING” conditions, but pop not loading second time for all users when entering to website. Kindly take a look and help me!!!


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Hello @Anil Vividreal,

Thank you for sharing this question with the Klaviyo community.

I recommend reviewing the “Display Frequency” section of the sign-up form. The display frequency answers the question of how often do you want people to see this popup or flyout after they have already seen it. For example, if you're asking for birthday information, you may not want a form to appear to the same person until 120 days (or four months) after they originally closed it out. By default, browsers will not see the same form until 90 days later. If you left the default “90 days” number in the section of the form, the user will not see the form again until 90 days after they originally closed it out.

In a form's Behaviors tab, the option to not show form again after submit form or Go to URL action is checked, and it is set to show again 90 days after being closed

Also, checking the “Don't show again after submit form or go to URL” box will ensure that no one who has ever submitted or done to the form action URL will see the form again, as long as they don't clear the cookies on their web browser. This is useful if you would like to prevent a subscriber from seeing a form if they've already used it to sign up. If you want someone to see the form again after submit, uncheck this box.