Popup without sign-up field - possible?

  • 12 May 2023
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Hi all,

apparently Shopify is having some issues shipping items from multiple locations, where Shopify then accumulates shipping charges. Which frustrates 100s of shop owners.

However, I'll keep it short.

I decided, that products that are dispatched from a specific location/warehouse are now shipped for free.

My idea is that once the customer opens that particular collection, they will get a popup notification that shipping is free for that collection. I don't want this popup to appear on my homepage/first page. 

I have tried using Klaviyo to create a signup form, delete the email field and the submit button, but this results in an error.


Is there a way to do this setup with Klaviyo or do I need another 3rd party app?

Of course you are also welcome to provide any other best-practice idea :) 


Thank you


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Hi @DaveSG

Thanks for being a part of our community! To accomplish your goal of letting customers know that certain products dispatched from specific locations/warehouses are shipped for free - you can have the form only appear on the collection that you specify. It does not need to appear on your homepage/first page. You can tailor where you want it to appear for example:

Additionally, you do not need to use any sign-up field. Each form is totally customizable so you are able to simply delete any fields that you would like excluded. Can you provide a few more details about the error you received? I would recommend trying a different type of form and seeing if you receive the same error. 

Here are some other related articles that may be helpful:

I hope this helps!