Preventing customers from filling out a form multiple times.

  • 30 August 2022
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Hi there,

We’re a pet retailer looking to set up a new acquisition flow for new Puppy and Kitten owners. 

A new form will be created to capture the information of these new customers, including their pet’s name. 

If a customer were to fill out the form more than once, I’m concerned that they could overwrite their pet’s name or other details. 

What can be done to reduce the chances of this happening? 

I’m familiar with targeting by visitor, but conscious of the limitation whereby the customer must be cookied. 


Is it possible to:

  • Block customer sign-ups from customers who try to use the same email more than once in the same form?
  • Display or hide dynamic content or fields in a form based on the customer?




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Hello @kyleor ,

Welcome to the Community.

I’d like to share a resource on choosing form targeting so that you can select an option to:

  • Don't show to visitors in certain lists and segments
    The form will only appear to visitors who are not known to be members of any of the lists or segments you select, including both anonymous visitors and visitors who are cookied, but not known to be a member of any of the selected groups

So if your form is leading to a list then it will not appear for those users. Or to use the don’t show to existing profiles. 

Once you gathered profile properties from a form, you can hide template blocks based on customer.


Hope that helped,