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  • 11 February 2022
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Hi community :wave:  wondering if anyone’s ever done anything similar. 

We sell d2c as well as through some wholesalers. For our customers that purchase direct from us, we have a great service program that they enter into that after a certain amount of time after purchase, Klaviyo emails them info about our repairs and other things. We’d love to offer something similar for wholesale customers.

An obvious solution was a dedicated embedded sign up form where customers would follow a QR code included with their purchase to this sign up form, where we’d then enter them into a flow. 

However, we’re stuck on the scenario where a customer purchases subsequent items and follows the code to the form again - we don’t want them to leave their current flow (if they’re still in it - the flow can be 2-3 years in length as they’re not throwaway items and we promote in-house repairs), but we want their new item to receive the same. 

The only thing I can think of is if they re-entered the flow by adding a + to their email (ie, to register them as another profile, but that’s not ideal from a customer experience perspective. Has anyone done anything similar and share some advice?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi @abipk,

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your detailed scenario and hope to provide some info.

I believe a way you can combat the scenario of someone purchasing items again and your worry regard to re-entering the flow would just be to have a flow filter excluding those that have placed order at least once all time. This way, the flow will not let people re-enter if this was not their first purchase. Therefore is someone is halfway through the flow and they make another order they will not enter it again, they will just continue with the flow as it is. Related community post:

You might want to add conditional splits for those who have placed another order since entering the flow, but that is up to you.

Would that help your situation?

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Thanks Alex - a conditional split is a great idea. 

It’s not that I don’t want them to re-enter the flow, it’s that I want them to continue with the first one as well as re-enter and start to receive emails for the subsequent times they enter.

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Hi @abipk,

Thanks for the clarification. In that case, your customer who had previously exited the flow path would re-enter when they place another order. If they did not place another order after entering the flow path a second time, they would continue through the flow to receive emails and then re-enter if ever necessary. 

To clarify, customers can re-enter event-triggered flows as many times as they complete that event - as long as your flow does not restrict them from re-entering via flow or trigger filters. So depending on the initial step of your flow, then customers would re-enter on subsequent purchases. If not, the conditional split option could work as well to explore.