Resend Email Confirmation (Double Opt-In)

  • 2 September 2022
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Problem: User signs-up, but does not complete or forgets to complete double opt-in confirmation. User is not imported into Welcome Series Email. There is no way to resend confirmation email on a follow-up/reminder basis.

Proposed Solution: A confirmation follow-up queue that sends a friendly reminder to the user in X days if they haven’t finished confirming their email.

Benefits: This ensures that users that intended to sign-up but did not complete the confirmation, or forget to complete it, will be reminded at a later time and receive the content they signed up to receive. This also avoids headaches for Klaviyo users because it allows this process to automated based on the reminder sequence they select.


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3 replies

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Too bad this is not an option in Klaviyo at the moment. Having an option to control double opt-ins. I think the only thing I can think about at this moment is to have a single opt-in list and imitate the double opt-in using a flow and then tag users if they click the button.

Curious to see if this will become an option, I don't think so since it could be potentially be abused as well.


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@bisqlio I was thinking exactly the same to increase the opt-ins as sometimes people just forget to do the double opt-in. Many people are not aware of this requirement as it might restrict us to send marketing emails.

@Omar I am a new user of Klaviyo and exploring such options. Is it possible to re-send the email to the audience who did not open the double opt-in email ? 

@bisqlio Do you know if there is a solution yet? I would really like to set up a reminder for those who forget to double opt-in.