Restricting a pop-up to display only for people who come from a Facebook Ads

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I would like to get my pop-up form to be displayed only to visitors who land on the actual page by clicking on one of my facebook ads. How should I do that?


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Hello @JackDeli,

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I believe something like this can be accomplished in one of two ways; by using either a targeting behavior set on your form or by setting up a custom trigger for the form. 

If these contacts originating from your Facebook ads were added to a list or somehow can be captured by a segment, you should be able to target these specific visitors by using the Target visitors in a list or segment under the signup form’s Targeting settings. Both my colleague @Dov and myself have spoke more about using this targeting function in the Community posts I’ve linked below:

If these visitors aren’t being added to a list or cannot be captured through a segment, you can always use the option of a custom trigger. Using a custom trigger will allow you more flexibility as it would offer you the capability to trigger the form based on the behaviors you desire; in this case to only trigger for visitors originating from Facebook. Since this option would require some custom coding to be implemented on your site, we suggest working with a developer you’re familiar with or working with some of our fantastic Klaviyo Partners

I hope this helps!


When will targeting by city be an option? Almost all other forms in 2023 have this capability by now.  Targeting by only country is extremely restrictive.  Was there a reason for this? 

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Hi there @levyelectricscooters


Thanks for your question!


Currently, you can only target a user by region and countries in a form's behavior. At this time, the signup form cannot be restricted to certain cities or states. This has been submitted to our Product team as a feature request, but I am unable to provide a timeline on when or if this feature will be developed in the future.


In the meantime, you can create a form or send a campaign to ask your customers, who are in a specific state, to identify which city they live in. The answer they choose will be added to their profile as a custom property. You can then create city-based segments based on this new property and show or not show forms to these certain city-based segments.


Hope this helps in the meantime, I am sorry this feature isn’t available at this time!