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  • 14 March 2024
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Hi friends,


Looked at pages on both this community forum and through shopify, but can’t seem to find a fix for this. I am trying to make a button on my shopify page link out to a full page sign up form (klaviyo). With mailchimp I used an iframe, but that doesn’t seem to be working either. 


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4 replies

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Welcome to the community @acornandartisan 

If you have a web page with a Klaviyo form embedded on it, just add the url of that page to your Shopify web button.

Alternatively, if you want the button to open a Klaviyo pop-up, you need to configure the pop-up’s display setting as below. Then use the custom trigger code on your Shopify web button:

Or have I misunderstood what you’re trying to achieve?





Pop-up form display setting



Hi Andy,


The issue that I’m facing is that I’m not sure what to do with the custom trigger code. With Shopify I can link my button to a URL, but not sure how to implement the open form coding so that it pops up / opens. 


Oh, nevermind. Apparently I needed a little sleep - I changed it to an embed and then put the code in a custom liquid box on shopify. It’s working now 

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Hi @acornandartisan 

Glad your snooze did the trick! 😀 Thanks for the update.

If you ever need the code to open a pop-up from a web button click, it’s:

<script type="text/javascript">
    document.querySelector('.klaviyo_form_trigger').addEventListener('click', function (){
        window._klOnsite = window._klOnsite || []; 
        window._klOnsite.push(['openForm', 'FORM ID HERE']);