Sign up form closing after clicking outside of the form

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when the signup form pops up, even if I don't click the X mark and I click on any other spaces on the website, the singup form will disappear, how could I fix this?

10 secs later it will pop up.


I noticed this Klaviyo website sign in form is also like this. It is annoying.




Best answer by David To 6 May 2021, 18:09

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Hello @delonghuang,

Thanks for sharing this question with the Klaviyo Community!

The behavior of the popup form closing automatically after clicking anywhere outside of the form’s body, such as on the website itself, is expected behavior. This is because users who click outside of the popup form’s body is typically an indication that the user no longer wants to engage with the form. This form behavior is also standard practice as highlighted in the following blogs:

Other workarounds to have the signup form remain on the website despite clicking outside of the form’s body would be changing the form from a popup to a flyout form. Flyout forms do not have this limitation of the form closing should a user click outside of it’s body. Alternatively, you can also custom code your own popup form utilizing HTML/CSS which offers you complete control over the customization of your form and its behaviors. If you decide to go this route we would recommend reviewing the articles below that may assist you in custom coding this form and/or reaching out any one of our knowledgeable agency partners to assist you in this endeavor. 

Thanks, and have a great rest of your day!


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Hi David,


This does not make sense. People’s finger could easily slip and accidentally press places outside of form body and got out of the form. It is a general consensus that the X mark is used to exit the form. My own experience on all the forms or even on other shopify stores, I haven’t seen the situation like this. My experience is not good because when I swipe phones and can easily get out of the form that suddenly jumps out. Creating something extra not needed is not always good.

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Hi @delonghuang 


Just to add to and the great resources he shared, clicking outside of the form is usually my go-to move (as a consumer) to close a form when I’m not immediately able to see the “X”. I definitely think a fly out form could be more helpful as it won’t take up the entire screen so people won’t click out of it as easily. On the opposite end, you could also increase the size of your sign up form so it takes up more space on the page and give people less of an opportunity to click outside of it?


I hope this helps!