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  • 27 November 2020
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So we have a catalog request sign up form that when user submits triggers us to mail them a physical catalog.


Is there a way to have the contents of the form submitted (users name and address) to be emailed to us when user submits the form ? 


I know we can set up a flow to do something after user is joined to a list after submitting form, but I do not see one of the options of the flow having an email sent to us with the contents of the form, or have parts of the users profile emailed to us (name, address)


Thanks for any tips


Best answer by Taylor Clark 27 November 2020, 16:15

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4 replies

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Hey there Stevrons, 


Great question, this is a feature we just recently released: 


Hopefully, this helps!


Thank you, 

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Hey Taylor,

Thank you for this great response. 

So I have set up my form to send notification for the following :

 {{ first_name }} {{ last_name }} 

{{ person|lookup:'Address' }}

{{ person|lookup:'City' }}, {{ person|lookup:'Region' }} {{ person|lookup:'Zip Code' }}

{{person|lookup:'Country' }}


The result is that the email gets sent with first and last name and City and Region (State)  but the “address” , “zip code” and “country”   elements are blank, in fact in the email they show as “NONE” but the user has those defined. 


I do see there is another format of pulling variables into the email : 

{{ person.organization }}


I tried that with the elements I was having trouble with but that didn’t seem to work. 

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We have custom api integration and imported customer data into these fields through custom api, just throwing that in there in case that affects anything

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Hey @stevrons, unfortunately customer attributes, like address, are not stored on the profile level. Only properties stored directly on profiles can be pulled into the notification.


I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!