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Hi all :)

I’ve read through a few articles and posts in the community here but couldn’t find an answer, maybe I’ve missed it. 

How do I need to set up my sign-up -form so that the profile property of those who submit the form shows “consent status - email - subscribed” like this:


When building the sign up form I can see different options in the ‘submit hidden fields’ section for ‘profile properties’:

do I choose “$consent” or “Accepts Marketing”?

In this article : I read that “For example, a Shopify integration automatically syncs an Accepts Marketing custom property to Klaviyo.” (I do have klaviyo integrated with shopify)

My question is which property should I choose for this hidden field?

Or if there is no right or wrong answer; what would be the advantage of choosing one over the other?

Looking forward to learning from you :)

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