Sign-up Form not showing on Shopify Store

  • 9 January 2024
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I cloned my previous sign-up form and am trying to use it now, but it does not show up.  I am trying it  incognito, and I do not believe I changed any configurations.  I have also re-installed the Integration and app, and still nothing.  Very confused as to what might be causing this.


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6 replies

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Hi @scotiaceilidh 

Thank you for your question in the Klaviyo Community!

Without being able to see your configuration, I would suggest ensuring that your previous po-up is disabled and then go through your settings (specifically Targeting & Behaviour) on the one you want to see, in case there is a configuration that is preventing it to be displayed, or is not meet yet.

I hope this provides you with some guidance.


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Hello Kylie, 

The previous form was deleted, so that should not be an issue.


The form analytics actually say the form is being displayed.  Looking at the browser console, I can make it appear, so it is there, being served, but hidden.  Here is the code Klavyio is using to hide the form:


    .needsclick.kl-private-reset-css-Xuajs1 {
      display: none !important;


Here is a brief, no sound video showing the settings for Targeting & Behaviour.  I can’t see anything that would hide the video (load it, then hide it as the code above does).





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@Kylie W ^  :)

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Hi @scotiaceilidh 

Thank you for the video - this was really helpful!

Looking at the settings in the video everything looks fine. With the exclusion of Klaviyo customers I would expect this to show in Incognito, but also with the addition of you finding it in the CSS. So with this, I will link below a few other community posts where they have reported some issue with seeing their Popup and potential solutions.

I hope these resources help!


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Oh oh.  Sounds like you guys do not know.  

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Hi there @scotiaceilidh


Our Champion @Kylie W did a great job of sharing helpful troubleshooting steps! 


If you are still experiencing issues you can either  submit a support ticket to have a member manually investigate this issue for you or create a new new version of this form instead of cloning it. 


Thanks for participating in the Community!