Sign up form showing more signups than the associated email list

  • 16 March 2022
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I have a new pop up form and it is showing 6 signups in the form analytics, but the list that form populates only has two signups.  Is there a way to 1. See the emails from the signup form in the form to compare to the list?  2. Prevent lost signups?


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2 replies

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Hi there @VHTme,

Thanks for posting to the Community.

Do you happen to have double opt-in enabled for these sign up forms? It is possible that you are seeing that 6 people may have signed up but only 2 consented to being subscribed to a list? Is this also all through native forms in Klaviyo or are you running another integration for form data?

You can see what emails have submitted the form by creating a new segment with definitions: Properties about someone > $source [equals] > name of form.

That should pull up the emails that were collected and you can compare it to your list.


Hope that helped,



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Thank you, it was the double opt in default that got me.  I’ve changed it.  Thank you for the information on creating the segment as well.