Sign-up forms in both Shopify and Klaviyo

  • 24 October 2023
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Hi there, would like some thoughts if this is good practice.


We have been collecting sign-ups in Shopify via the footer newsletter, automation is on to send out welcome emails to new subscribers.

We also just set up sign-up forms in Klaviyo now, with automation for the same welcome email from Klaviyo.


Is it advisable to keep both automations on, assuming the syncing works seamlessly, they both sync to the same Newsletter list in Klaviyo. Can I confirm there will not be double welcome emails being sent out, syncing from Shopify would not trigger another welcome email?


I understand we can edit the theme code to include a hidden newsletter value, just that we prefer not to mess with that now and to keep it simple until we decide to use just Klaviyo.


Thank you!


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Hi there @asleyn


Thanks for sharing your question with us, happy to help! 


To confirm are you sending a welcome flow from Shopify as well as a welcome flow in Klaviyo or are you attaching both your Shopify form and klaviyo forms to the same list and feeding them into one flow?


If the former, we’d suggest just using one automation. Independent of what happens in Shopify, your Shopify subscribers will be added to the klaviyo list you designated in the integrations setting and could send users another automated message if the Klaviyo list is connected to a flow. 


However if it’s the latter, there is nothing to fear! Users can only go through a list-trigger flow, which is the setup of most welcome flows, only once. While it is ultimately up to you to decide what integration you want to use to send a welcome email, some Klaviyo users prefer to use ours so you have the flow data in Klaviyo and can better understand the customer journey more comprehensively! 


Hope this helps!



Thank you for the clarification @Taylor Tarpley, that helps!