Sign Up Link not Linking with Instagram sticker

  • 18 April 2023
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I created a new full page sign up form to use only on instagram stories. It says the page in working. When I type the link directly into my web browser it works as it should. But when I post the link with the instagram sticker, the link just takes you to my website’s home page. 

I tried to access the sticker form multiple instagram accounts, and the link always goes to the homepage only. 

What am I doing wrong? 


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7 replies

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By any chance did you click and close the popup once?
This can be the reason it does not show anymore. 

I would suggest to add a specific URL with a query parameter like ?source=instagram to the “only show on certain URLs so when you add the link it will trigger the full screen popup and without it not.



Also I suggest to turn off the don't show again if this is causing the issue and check the your not excluding klaviyo profiles since this could also be a reason to not show it for you again.


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Hi @RJClothing in addition to Omar’s response, can you provide the URL to the landing page? Would love to test it out. Thanks!


Hi it is set with perameters only for intagram, and I just “unclicked” the do not show again. I follwoed the klaviyo guidestep by step to build it. It seems like it should work. I’ll include the link. 


For some reason it works when I use it in the browser, but not on instagram…. I noticed it seems to change the link somhow

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Can you share the link that is shown in the menu bar when you click from Instagram?
I'm seeing this:

It could be Instagram is removing or changing part of the url.  Maybe you can test with a question mark ? instead of a hashtag # → ?instagramsignup

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It sounds like there may be an issue with the way the link is being generated or shared on Instagram. Here are a few things to check and try:

  1. Make sure you are copying and pasting the correct link for your sign-up form. It's possible that you are accidentally copying a different URL that leads to your homepage instead of the sign-up form.

  2. Double-check that the link you are sharing on Instagram includes the full URL, including "http://" or "https://" at the beginning. If the link is missing this, it may not work correctly.

  3. Check that the link is not being shortened or modified by Instagram's link preview feature. This can happen if Instagram detects that the link is long or complex, and it will automatically shorten it or add additional parameters to the end. This can sometimes cause issues with certain types of links, including sign-up forms.

  4. Try using a different method to share the link on Instagram, such as copying and pasting it directly into a post or using a different sticker. If the issue persists with all methods, it may be worth contacting Instagram support for further assistance.


@RJClothing Hey!

I am trying the same thing and it is not working, did you ever figure it out?