Signing People up to multiple lists on one form

  • 17 June 2021
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I run a games shop and I’m looking to set up email lists for the various products and/or events that we run. I want to allow each customer to choose which products they receive information on.

My initial thought was to set up multiple lists, one for each product or product group that we operate however I don’t seem to be able to develop a sign up form that allows customers to choose to be on multiple lists.

Is there a way of doing the above or is there another way to achieve the effect I need?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.




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4 replies

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Hello @Glen White,

Great question and I love the strategy!

Klaviyo built signup forms are designated to allow customers to only be added to one list per submission and not to be added to multiple different lists. However, if you want to allow customers to choose which list they are added to, I elaborated on this strategy in the following Community post where this takes advantages of multiple buttons within a signup form. 

Alternatively, another solution would be creating a signup form with a multi-checkbox field asking what sort of information your subscribers would like to receive. Each of these options in the multi-checkbox can then be used to tag your subscribers with a specific profile property. You can then use segmentation to capture these customers who are on this particular list your signup form is submitting to and have this specific profile property. This in a sense would offer you groupings of customers who are interested in receiving different content which you can remarket towards and run promotion or events using campaigns or flows.

For example, if your signup form had a multi-checkbox selection of “Board Games” passing a profile property of “interest Category” and a profile value of “Board Games”, you can create a segment with the rules “Properties about someone, Interest Category Equals Board Games”. This segment would then capture all users who have this specific profile property and value. Resources that may help you further understand this are the following articles:

I hope this helps!


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Thanks David.

I just discovered Custom Properties (watching a video right now). I think this is the way to go although I’m still learning the details. Thanks for the advice.

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I have a master list (master list) and (Child list) I want data to go on both master list as well as individual list.How can i do this. 

I added the segment but it not auto updated. 

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Hey @500solutis


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community! As referenced earlier, signup forms are designed to allow customers to only be added to one list at a time. While there are other workarounds as mentioned earlier, including using custom profile properties, another option available to you might be to Combine Multiple Lists in Klaviyo through segmentation. 

Segments update automatically in Klaviyo and will dynamically pull any profiles that meet its criteria. I would recommend investigating what your rules are for that specific segment to discover why it might not be bringing in new profiles. I suggest checking out this Help Center Article on Creating Segments  that could help answer any future questions you might have.


Thank you for your participation in the Community!