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  • 8 April 2021
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I have created a pop up form for my website to appear within 4 seconds of the customer landing on the homepage.

This seems to work only sometimes which is hard for me to determine how it looks on the wesite.

Additionally, to this my major issue is that I also have a cookies prompt that pops up from the start of landing on the page, and if the customer is to click this or anywhere outside of the pop up, the pop up dissappears therefore losing the chance for the customer to potentially subscribe. 


It happens so quickly, that even if you’re scrolling as it pops up and you didnt realise it instantly disappears. I have tried looking for others with the problem and reviewed the behaviours and guides but nothing is obvious. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


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3 replies

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Hello @taylorclare9,

Thank your for sharing this information with the Klaviyo Community.

With respect to your first question, I recommend testing using a separate browser or an incognito browser and clearing your cookies/cache. More often than not, it is a browser-specific plug-in or cookie interfering with a form display.

With respect to your second issue, I recommend trying a Flyout form. This type of form will "fly out" from the side of your website after a set delay period -- it is less obtrusive than a popup form, but more attention-grabbing than an embedded sign up form. Additionally, it will not close out if you click away from it like a Popup form does.

Thanks and have a great day.

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I have the same issue.

The sign up form pops up but the site visitor can click anywhere on the site for the form to disappear instead of clicking the “X”.

I read your answer but it is still not clear.

Can you help?

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Hi @Hello_CP

Thanks for chiming in on this question, and for sharing your thoughts on signup forms that disappear. It’s actually expected behavior for the signup form to close even when you’re not hitting just the “x” button. If you’re looking for a type of form that does not close out on your audience members, I’d recommend using a Flyout form, like @dov.derin recommends in the comments. Additionally, actually provides a really detailed answer about signup forms, their expected behaviors, as well as some workarounds, in this post here. For your convenience, I’ll paste parts of his response below, but I do recommend checking out the full post for some additional details! 

The behavior of the popup form closing automatically after clicking anywhere outside of the form’s body, such as on the website itself, is expected behavior. This is because users who click outside of the popup form’s body is typically an indication that the user no longer wants to engage with the form. This form behavior is also standard practice as highlighted in the following blogs:

Other workarounds to have the signup form remain on the website despite clicking outside of the form’s body would be changing the form from a popup to a flyout form. Flyout forms do not have this limitation of the form closing should a user click outside of it’s body. Alternatively, you can also custom code your own popup form utilizing HTML/CSS which offers you complete control over the customization of your form and its behaviors. If you decide to go this route we would recommend reviewing the articles below that may assist you in custom coding this form and/or reaching out any one of our knowledgeable agency partners to assist you in this endeavor. 

Thanks, and have a great rest of your day!
-Cass. ​​​​​​​