Signup Form Drop Off Point?

  • 5 April 2022
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Might be a silly question, but is there a way to see where users exit during the form filling process?

I’m A/B testing some forms right now and they have an email capture step that leads into a profile enrichment step (First and Last name, Product type interests) that leads into a success page. I wonder if having the profile enrichment step causes users to drop off at all. It’d be a cool feature to see if something like that isn’t possible yet!



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 6 April 2022, 21:10

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Hi @max77


No silly questions here! Happy you asked, great question! 


We actually created the Multi-Step Signup forms because it was considered to create a better user experience to give users a shorter/more compact first step of the form an then give them the option to continue giving their information on the next step if they choose, rather than creating a really long, time-consuming first page. While there isn’t an exact feature to look in and see at what part the subscriber stopped filling out the form, typically, brands have summarized the drop off point of fulfillment if they don’t see the other properties or attributes being added to a customer’s account after form submission. However, I’d still be happy to offer that as a feature request on your behalf! 


If you notice that users are giving the email and first & last name and subscribing to your list, but don’t see any of the custom properties such as product type interests being added to their profiles. You can also create a segment of these users and then send a campaign asking them to update their manage preference page with these custom properties.


For more insight on updating a manage preference page so users can update their properties, I’d suggest checking out the first Community thread I linked below. However, you can read through all three to gain more understanding on the topic as a whole! 


Thanks for your participation in the Community!


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Ah, good idea about checking for preferences within the group that joined via the form, I will have to try that. I’d love it if you could submit that as a feature request, but I think this will serve my purposes well too!

Thanks for the response, Taylor! I will keep these pages you linked on file for when I’m next working on the sign up form.