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Tried to search for a solution, but yet to find. I’m not sure what I’m missing here...🙄
We use signup forms in our site, one of the settings is “don’t show to existing profiles” but as you know cookies and etc plus if you are surrfing for example from an iPhone safary browser that are set to private the signup form will keep showing even to existing profiles.

The journey is:
1. Join our list and revcive promo code
2. Fill the the fields in the signup form
3. User is entering the Welcome series for new Subscriber.

However, if an existing subscriber filled the signup to get a coupun (i’ts totally fine) he will not recive the email as he already been in the welcome series

Im trying to figure out what wil be the best practice for sending them the email with a promotion code as if they are already prevoisly subscribed they will not enter the welcome series triggered by “join to list XYZ” 

Many thanks for any help!


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@Ofer S 

This is a bit tricky since usually forms are subscribing to same list all the time so when subscribers will fill the form nothing new will happen for them. So if they were previous subscribers to that list they can’t enter the list again since they are already there so there wouldn’t be any trigger for you to use for a new flow.

The only thing i can think of right now of what can be the solution here is to add a note to your form saying if you have subscribed previously with the same email you are not qualified for a discount..

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Thank you. I’ll will add it, but It’s intresting as a lot of brands are doing it, and from some of them although Im in the list Im still reciving these emails.