simple button that opens my signup form with javascript

  • 4 January 2022
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Hi all,


happy new year! 


I’m amazed that i can’t find anything about something so simple.

I want to create a button that opens my signup form that was created in klaviyo with javascript.


I can only find information about a legacy popup that need its own html and design and settings...

I want to reuse the designed signup form with the settings i’ve created.


who can help me, i don’t want to use the legacy and duplicate code.







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4 replies

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Hi @gijs,

Thank you for sharing this question with us in the Klaviyo community. Happy new year to you too!

Currently, triggering a popup “on click” on your website can only be done using our legacy form code rather than with our built-in form builder. There are several other “actions” you can use to trigger the popup in the Behaviors and Targeting section under “Display Timing”. For example, to show the form when a user is exiting the page, showing X seconds after page load or show after scrolling X % of the page. You can also adjust display frequency and other settings, more on that here

One other option you may want to consider is to create an anchor link in one of your Klaviyo emails, and then set the form to display based on that anchor link. That will, in effect, trigger the form when someone clicks a link (or a link embedded in a button) in your email. The only difference here is the initial “on click” action that triggers the popup would be in the Klaviyo email rather than on your website.

Also, I’m happy to submit a request to see if “on click” is something we can add to the “Display timing” settings, but in the mean time, I recommend exploring the above and/or our partners page for further assistance or to look into alternative custom-coded solutions.

Thanks for being a member of our community.

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@Dov i appreciate your response but unfortunately it’s not helpful because all your suggestions do now match what i’m asking except the bottom part which is a sad conclusion that it’s not possible.


  1. i don’t want to use legacy popups, this means i cannot use the popup builder and flows that we setup. Like i specifically said
  2. behaviours and targets are not relevant to my question so not sure why you suggest this
  3. create and anchor link? why do i want to create functionality from an email? they first need to subscribe to get that email from the popup, i totally don’t understand that logic.


“Also, I’m happy to submit a request to see if “on click” is something we can add to the “Display timing” settings, but in the mean time, I recommend exploring the above and/or our partners page for further assistance or to look into alternative custom-coded solutions.”

If this is the only solution to my question which says “it’s not possible, we can do a feature request” it’s very unlikely to see anything from this.


why would this be marked as solved???????




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Hi @gijs,

Thanks for your reply. Apologies for the confusion here, allow me to explain my thinking in more detail.

  1. Understood, the rationale here was to make it clear to other community members reading through the thread that legacy forms have the ability to achieve this.
  2. Also understood. On this point, my goal was to highlight alternative “behavioral” options our default sign-up form builder can provide, since we cannot achieve what you’d like directly through the default sign-up form builder.
  3. Since sign-up forms can be used to target net-new users, but also market to existing users (for example, displaying a sign-up form on a specific page of your site for a giveaway promotion), the rationale here is using an anchor link would still achieve the goal of clicking a button to activate a form. It wasn’t clear from your original post whether you were looking to target net-new or existing users. Anchor links in Klaviyo emails may be helpful for users looking to do the latter.

Lastly, this has been marked as the best answer because there are no other viable solutions at this time to achieve your goal of populating the form “on click” which would also make use of the default form builder. With the said, the answers above do provide some alternative solutions for those reading through the thread, and who also may be looking for further information for a workaround or otherwise.

I hope that helps clarify things and thanks for being a member of our community.

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Hi @gijs - I stumbled upon this thread and wanted to make sure you were made aware of a recently-released feature that I think directly solves the original issue you were running into. Klaviyo forms can now be triggered with Javascript - e.g. if you wanted to listen for a button click and trigger a form to render, you could call some Javascript to achieve that. This is further described in this Help Article. Hope it is helpful!