Stop multiple popups from overlapping

  • 1 September 2022
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Hi Klaviyo community,

We have implemented a couple of popups, one that shows after 20 seconds, and one that is triggered by a button click.

We are wondering if there’s a way to prevent the automatic 20 second timer popup from appearing if the other popup has already been triggered via a click?

Kind regards


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2 replies

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Great question @dotdev and welcome to the community. 


Another member had a similar question about 2 pop-ups. Check out the answer their question and might help with what you’re trying to do:



It’ll work if someone takes action on one of the pop-ups (then the other pop-up can check for profile properties).


For both of them showing at the same time on the site.  If there’s no easy answer, I’d ask what is the % of time you’ll think this would happen (I’d guess pretty low) and take the reward vs effort approach (especially if you’re a smaller operation).


Hope that helps!


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Hey @dotdev - The signup form should have a filter that says “Show once per session” or “Show once ever.” This should prevent multiple triggers in the same shopping window.