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  • 6 April 2022
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We are working with an Art merchant are looking for a solution with signup forms that allows us to collect subscribers depending on the artist page they sign up from.

Currently, each Artist has their own ‘Subscribe for Artist updates’ page which links to a signup form ID. We do not want to create a unique signup form for each artist as there is a large number or artists and it would not be practical.

We would like to tag the subscribers with the corresponding artist name, and then be able to segment them in Klaviyo, while keeping them in 1 Klaviyo list, coming from 1 signup form.

We have these options in Shopify for the artist signup:

Based on the image above: would it be possible to set all artist signups as local as this auto tags artist name, then import these customers to Klaviyo with the Artist Tags pre-assigned?

If so, how do we achieve this?

Side note: Klaviyo support suggested to have a dropdown menu within the signup form that creates profile property for each subscriber. This solution will not work for us as having a long list of artists in a dropdown is less than ideal.

Thanks so much for any help!


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Hey @Admire Marketing 

Thank you so much for reaching out for help!

I recommend adding Shopify tags for each customer's purchase that will turn to a custom property within Klaviyo. By having each customer with these custom properties, the date and time, this can be pulled dynamically into an email template so that you will only need to utilize one flow for all customers that have placed an order for a workshop.

The Shopify tags will appear under Custom Properties on the customer's Klaviyo profile. 


More information on custom properties in Klaviyo can be found here: Guide to Template Tags and Variable Syntax

If you've added extra properties to individual contacts in Klaviyo, you can use them as dynamic content in a message with the person variable and the lookup filter.  

Example tags pulling custom properties from a customer's profile: 

Your favorite color is {{ person|lookup:'Favorite Color' }} . Your favorite color is blue.
Your favorite TV show is {{ person|lookup:'Favorite TV Show'|default:'unknown' }} . Your favorite TV show is unknown.
Your birthday is on {{ person.Birthday|datetime_from_string }} . Your birthday is on Oct. 14, 1985, 8 p.m.

I would recommend reaching out to Shopify about adding tags to customers when they complete a purchase. 

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Thank you @stephen.trumble - this is great! Do you know if it’s possible to create Shopify tags upon someone subscribing to the specific artist updates Klaviyo form? (and not yet making a purchase)