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I’m trying to create an email campaign from my subscriber list but it seems that no one has actually subscribed even though I have 22 profiles. How can they use my subscription offer from a pop-up I created, give me their e-mail but not opt-in. They have to submit an email to get to the next screen for the discount code? Really confused here. 


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Hi @wsperuzzi,

I would double-check your list settings to see if it is a double-opt in, or a single opt-in. I *think* the default is double opt-in, which means the subscriber receives a confirmation email after submitting the form. If they don’t click the link in the email, then they haven’t technically opted-in yet, according to how Klaviyo is set up. While Klaviyo remends double opt-in, you can change the list settings to single opt-in if you want - there are pros and cons to both options.

To check the settings, open the list, click on settings, then click on consent.

Hope this helps!

It sounds like you might be encountering a common issue known as "false positives" in your subscriber list. This can happen when users provide their email addresses but don't complete the opt-in process, resulting in them not actually being added to your subscriber list.

Here are a few possibilities and solutions:

  1. Technical Glitch: There might be a technical issue with your subscription form or pop-up that's preventing users from completing the opt-in process successfully. Double-check that all elements of your form are functioning properly, including the submit button and any confirmation messages.

  2. User Error: Sometimes, users might mistakenly enter their email addresses or navigate away from the opt-in process before completing it. Make sure your subscription process is straightforward and user-friendly, with clear instructions on how to opt-in.

  3. Spam or Privacy Concerns: Users might be hesitant to opt-in due to concerns about spam or privacy. Ensure that you have a clear privacy policy in place and reassure subscribers about how their email addresses will be used. Consider implementing a double opt-in process where users have to confirm their subscription via email.

  4. Value Proposition: Evaluate the value proposition of your subscription offer. Is the discount code compelling enough for users to complete the opt-in process? Consider offering additional incentives or benefits to encourage sign-ups.

  5. Testing and Optimization: Test different variations of your subscription form and pop-up to see which ones result in higher opt-in rates. You can experiment with factors like timing, design, messaging, and placement to optimize your conversion rates.

By addressing these potential issues and refining your subscription process, you should be able to improve your opt-in rates and build a more engaged subscriber list for your email campaign.


So I did a test with one of my emails and my # for SMS. Everything checked out. My info went to my Profiles List. I’m set to to double opt-in so I had to confirm YES on both. I noticed my e-mail also went to a Preview List and my # sign up went to a SMS list. Other than that I have no idea what’s going on or what to do about it. 

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@wsperuzzi - Since your email list was set to double opt-in, it is likely that the 22 profiles did not click the confirmation link in the email. If you look at the profiles, does it show a confirmation email being sent to them? (Our list is single opt-in, so I don’t know if a confirmation email shows in profile activity or not.)

You might want to take a look at the confirmation page and opt-in email to make sure they align with what you want them to say - let them know on the confirmation page that they need to click the link in the emaiil to be fully subscribed, and make sure the opt-in email is clear as well. On the consent section of the list, there should be a link to the confirmation page/opt-in email. You can set up different confirmation pages/opt-in emails for different lists, or you can set “defaults” so that they are all the same.


I understand the point of the double opt-in but if opting in twice to make this feature functional negates the feature it’s kinda useless, no? 

Is there a way to give them the discount code once they double opt-in with a follow up email otherwise it seems like an extra step that no one really follows through with. 



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Hi @wsperuzzi,

I agree, sometimes it seems like overkill!

If you want to keep the double-opt in setting, you can create a flow that triggers when someone joins your newsletter list (ie, after they click the confirmation email.) In this flow you can offer them the discount, instead of offering it on screen after they filled in the pop up. You could update the confirmation email to say something like - “Once you have confirmed your email by clicking the button [or link] below, you’ll get an offer as a thank you”

I forgot to mention earlier - if you change your settings to single opt-in, then future profiles *should* come in as subscribed when they fill out the pop-up. For the 22 profiles that were submitted before you changed the setting, you can export them, then import them to your newsletter list. When you import them, there is an option to update their subscription status to subscribed. Of course, if you go this route, you don’t need to send another email with the welcome discount, and you can continue to offer it as part of the pop up. Some organizations have “fine print” on the pop-up that says somthing like, “by submitting this form, you are agreeing to receive emails from company X”. I feel like if you do that, then they are definitely opting-in when they submit.

I feel like the 2 biggest pros for double-opt in are that you know the email is legitimate, and you can avoid getting “fake” email signups from bots. However, double-opt in just isn’t the best for everyone.

Hope this all makes sense! Please let me know if I can help further.


Thank you for your help!