Subscriber Page missing? How can I create a (full page) subscribe page

  • 28 November 2020
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unfortunately in my Klavio I cannot choose subscriber page in the preference pages tab.

I need this to set up a landing / sign up full page though.

Where do I find this option?

Thank you so much,



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Hey, Nela!


Abby here from Klaviyo. If you navigate to a List, and then click “Subscribe Pages” in the list’s menu items, you’ll be able to edit the subscribe page for that list. Check out this article in our Help Center with more details about Subscribe Pages.


This article will also be super helpful when creating a subscribe landing page.


Hope you’re having a good Cyber Weekend!

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Thank you so much Abby. I found it! By the way, I saw that Klavio automatically opened up new list (I came from mailchimp) called win-back opportunities including a lot of my subscribers. I assume they got my mails as spam or not at all, but I wasn’t aware about it. How do you suggest I work with this specific list? Do I just add them to my general subscriber list? 

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Once you add a native eCommerce integration (such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento 1, and Magento 2) to Klaviyo, the following segments are added to your account:

  • Churn Risks
  • Potential Purchasers
  • VIP Customers
  • Win-Back Opportunities
  • Repeat Buyers

Segments are dynamic and profiles will fall in and out when they meet the definition. Lists are static.

Your win-back opportunities segment includes former customers who are not suppressed but who have not placed an order in an extended period of time. A best practice is to generate a win-back flow to re-engage these individuals and remind them of the value of your brand.

These segments identify key groups of people within your account and are designed to help you get off on the right foot with your sending strategy.

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Finding info on how to set up a custom subscribe page is hard. But setting up unsubscribe pages is easy. Klaviyo offers hosted pages to build your own pages, but you’ll have to just bit the bullet, keep hacking and testing.