Teaser for Sign-up Form is Black when Hovered

  • 12 November 2022
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I’m making a Sign-up form for a Giveaway that my company is going to do, and I’m having an issue with the Teaser when published. 

On the published site the Teaser looks good, but when you hover your mouse over it, it give me a black box around the Teaser, which cannot be changed, Is there a work around for this in your Teaser settings, or should I try a different file type? I


I have attached a screenshot of what I am referring to along with my settings for the Teaser. 


If you guys could offer some support as soon as possible I would appreciate it very much. We are planning to start the promotion next week to boost traffic prior to the Holiday Season and Black Friday.

Teaser on Website (pre-Hover)
Teaser on Website (Hovering)
Settings in Klaviyo
Settings in Klaviyo



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Hey @Solomon_WH 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community! Thanks for asking about the teaser behavior

I am not able to find anything on Klaviyo side that would cause this behaviour on mouseover. It appears that something on your site is overriding Form's styles and behaviours - please ask your developer to check the CSS of your site.

I was able to see that you also have a support ticket open on this same issue. Our support team will be able to look into your account to see if there is anything that I missed from the info you provided. 

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Thank you Stephen for your help. We don’t have a developer, we just use a Shopify Theme. If I knew what to look for in the code, I might be able to change something, but I don't have any coding abilities.