Teaser is oval instead of round

  • 20 September 2022
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Hi guys, 

my teaser is in an oval instead of a round shape (see attachment). What am I missing?





Best answer by David To 21 September 2022, 17:15

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Hey @NextLevel,

Great question!

With signup form teasers, you actually have three styles shapes to choose from:

  • Rectangle
    Use the rectangle shape for a tab-style teaser
  • Circle
    Use the circle shape for a bubble-style teaser
  • Corner
    Use the corner shape for a teaser tucked into a corner of your site

In the event that your teaser - or even signup form, doesn’t appear like how you’ve built it within Klaviyo, this may mean some onsite CSS may be at play. In my experience, some onsite CSS you’re using could override the Klaviyo signup form causing it to look different than how you’ve designed it. 

To resolve this, you’ll want to review your site code and make sure that the CSS isn’t overriding the Klaviyo form/teaser’s style. From the cases I’ve seen of an oval teaser, this is primarily caused by the box-sizing item. If you need more hands on assistance with reviewing your site code, I would recommend working alongside your developer and/or reach out to one of our accredited Klaviyo Partners from our Partners Directory.

I hope this helps!


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@David To thanks for your answer. I will check that and come back, if that shouldn’t be the solution to the problem. 


Have a good one! ✌🏻