Trying to connect Shopify Store for Embedded forms

  • 22 November 2021
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Been working to include an embedded form in my Shopify website. I’ve installed the integration app and everything says it’s connected and updated. However, when I go to publish an embed form, it says there is no connection. 

Can anyone help with this issue? I feel like I’ve tried about everything!


Thanks in advance. 


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Hey there @mccormick813,

Welcome to the Community! I hope to provide some info on what might be going on in this situation.

The first thing that comes to mind is that users usually have some issue with Shopify and connecting forms when their website is connected to more than one Klaviyo account. With multiple accounts connected to a single store, it causes conflicts in our code and causes problems with your signup forms not appearing.

You can see if you have accidentally connected another Klaviyo account to the site by reviewing your site code with the following steps:

  1. Going to your website
  2. Viewing the Page Source or viewing the Inspector Tool
  3. Control + F (or Command + F on Mac)
  4. Search for the phrase Company_ID

In the event of searching through your site code returns multiple results, take note of the six alphanumeric characters following the “company_ID=” snippet. If each of these returning results do not match one another; this would verify that you have multiple Klaviyo accounts connected to the website. For example, if your search returns both “company_ID=AbC123” and “company_ID=ADe234”, this would indicate two separate Klaviyo account IDs are associated with your site account. You can also find the Klaviyo account ID that is associated with the Klaviyo account you wish to keep by navigating to Accounts > Settings > API Keys and taking note of the listed Public API Key.

To resolve this, I would suggest logging into the Klaviyo account you accidentally created and take the following actions to fully remove all codes pertaining to this accidentally connected Klaviyo account to your website:

1. Completely remove (not Disable) the integration in Klaviyo
2. Log out of your Klaviyo account
3. Log back into your Klaviyo account via an incognito window
4. Re-add integration from the All Integrations tab

Once removed, I would then recommend cancelling the accidentally created accounts per the instructions found in the How to Cancel Your Klaviyo Account Help Center article


If not, I would double check the integration was set up and steps weren’t over looked. To recap:

Head over to your Shopify Integration Settings and select Update Settings in the lower right. When doing so, ensure that the “Automatically add Klaviyo onsite javascript” setting is checked, so that the Klaviyo JS is properly added to your site. You'll also want to add Web Tracking (viewed product), and here is the guide for that (Add Web Tracking to Your Shopify Store section). Follow "Get the Embed Form" section to grab the code, and then head to the Shopify section and follow instructions there for embedding the form's code into your theme.

Is there a specific error message that appears when you try to publish a form? Would you be able to provide that for us if these steps did not work?

Looking forward to hearing back,