Typeform Quiz Result -> Email Double Opt-In for Results Page - How to do it?

  • 13 June 2021
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Hi, we’re currently building a quiz funnel with Typeform with 5 different results.

The result will be delivered once they signed up to our email list via double opt-in. And since there are 5 different results, they’re divided into 5 unique segments with individual emails.


Is there a way to either use the “Email Confirmation” or “Opt-In Confirmed” step of the double opt-in process where we can display 5 different buttons, one for each possible result, that the reader then click on to confirm their subscription AND update their profile properties with their specific result so we can segment them?

So the funnel would be:

Quiz → Please enter your email to get your results → Confirm your subscription with 5 different buttons, if possible → thank you for your subscription - please click on your specific result type to get your result (if this doesn’t work with the email confirmation).

I’d use individual links to tag subscribers as outlined here to update their profile

A way that this works for sure would be to set up an email with these 5 results buttons that leads to 5 different landing pages with the result right after subscribing…

But we wonder if it’s possible to avoid that email to remove as much friction as possible from the process.

Thanks in advance.


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3 replies

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Hi @TrisG 


Thanks for sharing with the community! 


I think the initial way you talked about setting it up could work, but maybe a bit differently than you’re originally imagining. One way to do this would be to somehow work a question in to their initial survey that indicates which one of the 5 answers they should get. In this doc it talks about how to format your form for syncing. If you’re able to send over a specific response from the quiz, you could set up a flow that has multiple conditional splits based on the answers to the quiz. For example, the flow could be triggered off the joining the list, then you can create conditional splits using the typeform data to send them the appropriate email.


Otherwise, we don’t really have a way to add multiple buttons to on the opt-in form. Your second solution of asking them to update their preferences or use buttons in your first email in the welcome series would work here as well.


I hope this helps!

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Thanks Marissa.

We’re probably going to add  links that update profile properties on the “opt-in confirmed” page.

I just tested it by going through the Typeform quiz and then entering my email, but this didn’t trigger the double opt-in email or anything.

Is there a setting in Typeform or Klaviyo we need to update to get it to work? Or is it just the Quiz not being set to “active” yet?

Or for it to work, do we need to embed the “Subscribe” step of the double opt-in process (see screenshot below)?

Hope that makes sense - your help is much appreciated.

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Hi @TrisG,

Thank you for your follow-up note and thank you @marissanunez for your reply.

@TrisG, the opt-in pages relating to the list are quite limited. You won’t be able to add in multiple buttons on this page.

Additionally, the Typeform integration will not dispatch a double opt-in email, it will directly subscribe folks to the list you outline in the Typeform settings.

Yes, if you were to embed the subscribe page you highlighted in your screenshot, that would dispatch a double opt-in email if the users filled that subscribe page, but again you’d run into the same issue  -- not being able to configure that opt-in confirmed page with the buttons.

In short, there isn’t an easy way to “shortcut” the preference selection. Your best bet is to follow through with the latter method you outlined in the original post, which is to add buttons using the doc “how to use buttons to collect information about your recipients”, in a flow email triggered off of Typeform’s Filled out Form metric or off of a list-triggered flow that these users are being submitted to. Also keep in mind, the Typeform integration only syncs once per hour (outlined here).

I hope that helps, thanks and have a wonderful day.