"Unable to detect that signup forms are successfully installed on your site." on Wordpress

  • 4 February 2023
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I have already gone through the troubleshooting guides and the videos on how to install the sign-up form code snippet. 

I downloaded the header and footer plugin and copy and pasted the snippet there.

I changed the targeting and display time.

Klaviyo is installed and embeded. 

I am not using Internet Explorer.

I reran the test in incognito mode.

I tripled check the code and copy and pasted directly to the body of the footer.

I only have 1 Klaviyo account.

I have spent hours working on syncing Klaviyo to my account and being able to enable marketing at checkout. The pop-up and embedded newsletter is the only thing left. 

Someone please help me.

Thank you.


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 6 February 2023, 22:06

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Hi @zubalik


Hi there! So sorry this has been such a frustrating experience for you, happy to help!


First off, incredible job troubleshooting with the following steps! You went through a lot of possible issues and helped identify the issue by ruling these things out. 


I can see that you talked with a support representative today that helped you figure out a bit more of what’s happening here. For other users experiencing the same issue, you can test adding an “s” after the http: in the error box. When this is missing from your company’s website URL, adding this additional letter should allow the form to properly publish! 


Additionally, for some reason if you don’t see the ‘widget’ option in the backend of your woocommerce store admin panel as shown in this documentation’s video, then you can investigate adding the code snippet in your header or footer widget instead. 


Thanks for participating in the Community!