Unique coupon not populated in email

  • 20 July 2022
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I have created a newsletter signup form which means my customers will be added to my ‘welcome’ flow and sent a unique shopify 20% discount code. I have set up the discount code in Klaviyo and entered the piece of code into my email. However when I test the email, the unique code is not populated. 


Please can someone help me resolve this issue asap?


The test email shows this in the email body and it should be a unique code.






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Hi there @kflo,

Thanks for sharing to the Community.

Do you have an example of a test profile you sent it to? 

Since I can't see the emails that would have been sent through the flow, this would just be general advice until further. As a note, the emails will need to be sent and triggered by the flow in order for the coupon code to be generated. Sending a preview to yourself through the email will not generate a live coupon code, as this is reserved for live emails that are sent from the flow directly to customers. Any emails sent to yourself through the preview/test functionality will send the code with PREVIEW affixed to it. You can use the 'manual' mode in order to test: How to Manually Send Flow Messages to Recipients. Messages in a flow when on manual mode will not be sent automatically, and you will be able to approve the 'test' emails to yourself.

We have a guide here on using Shopify Coupons for reference: Dynamic Klaviyo coupons for Shopify


Hope this helped,