Using a form to collect emails at a live event - Reset the form after submit?

  • 20 December 2022
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We’ve got a full page signup form which we want to display on an iPad for in-person events. After someone submits, we need the form to reset so that’s it’s ready for another person so use it. I haven’t been able to find a way to achieve this in the form settings. Anyone have a solution for this?


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Hi there @NDA ,

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You can create signup forms for live events through Klaviyo. You would want to create a form that shows to all visitors and shows 0 days after submitting so all visitors will see the form. I would suggest turning the list that the form is submitting to to single opt-in:

At this time, you cannot create a form that takes payment. You would need to use a third-party application for this.

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@NDA  This is possible if you set the form to redirect on submit, as if you were going to send them to a different landing page, and then direct it back to the page that the embed form is on. 

I wouldn’t do it this way though. I had a client try this and because the form was on her device it eventually triggered the spam filter - all those subsequent signups coming from the same IP address - and no one could sign up.

You might want to provide a Q4 code instead so people can sign up from their own devices. Or do SMS signups with a keyword. 

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@Jessica eCommerce Badassery Interesting. To clarify, the spam filter you are referring to is from Klaviyo? i.e. the form stopped working?

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@NDA  Yes, that’s exactly what happened. You can definitely still try it, I would just have a backup plan so you don’t get stuck! 

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Any movement on a better solution for this? Mailchimp offers one.