Using cart total to fire cart abandonment popup

  • 26 February 2024
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Hey hey,

I need to fire a popup on exit for cart abandoners above a certain cart total. Right now I’m doing this via a segment (maybe there’s a better way? I’m all ears!) but my question is-- if a user is “unknown” to us, can we still fire that based on the cart total?




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3 replies

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Hi there @braum


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While this feature is on our product roadmap for the future, using a segment is a great idea for a workaround for now! If you’re interested in coding a custom trigger for the form, you can check out this thread below.


If a user is unknown, for instance they haven’t opted in to a list via form or checkout page, then their profile wouldn’t be pushed in Klaviyo or be able to be brought into a segment. Until a user opts into your marketing some way, you won’t be able to track their activities such as abandon cart amounts or other store actions.


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You can definitely use a popup to target cart abandoners with a specific cart total, even if the user is unknown to you. One way to do this is to create a segment that includes all users who have a certain cart total, and then create a popup triggered by that segment. This will ensure that the popup is only shown to users who meet the criteria you've set. Another way to do this is to use event-based triggers to show the popup. For example, you could use the "cart.abandoned" event, and set the trigger to only fire if the cart total is above a certain amount

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Hi @jetapebi


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I think what @braum meant by ‘unknown’ is that these browsers aren’t cookied by Klaviyo yet, so unfortunately your workflow wouldn’t be possible as they wouldn’t be in the Klaviyo account yet to pull into a segment etc.