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  • 19 October 2023
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I have password page activated in my Prestige Shopify theme so users can leave their email adress in order to get access.


The question is that I have that field connected to my klaviyo newsletter. Also in Klaviyo, within my audience settings "Newsletter" I have configured the sending of a validation email that should reach all new subscribers to my newsletter, but that email is not arriving. Could someone give me a cable?

Thank you very much!


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5 replies

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Hi there @Nachin


Welcome to the Community!


If you can affirm that your selected Klaviyo list to send users to from Shopify is correct and the list is set to double opt-in, I would check your spam folder for the second confirmation email! 


Finally, I’d check out this thread to gain more insight as to why this is happening and how to fix it! 


Hope this helps!


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Thank you for the warming welcome, Taylor!


I’ll take a look on the thread and try to figure out if that’s the reason. Thanks a lot!

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Hello again @Taylor Tarpley !

We checked everything trying to figure out what the reason could be but we didn’t come up with anything unfortunately.

We have some other insight to provide: Some leads get saved in the “customers” section of shopify but don’t receive the double opt-in email whilst other do. Nothing on spam or promotions innbox…


For instance, from one of my email adresses I don’t get the verification email ( but my business partner does receive it in both of his accounts ( and his business email ( There are more examples of persons who didn’t receive the confirmation email but got added to the customers list on shopify. Do you think what could it be?


Thanks again!

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Hi @Nachin People can also get added to Klaviyo when they take an action on your site, like purchasing a product or abandoning a cart. An action like that counts as implicit consent for email marketing - so they may not have directly subscribed to email marketing, but their profile was still added to Klaviyo via Shopify because of the action they took on your website. 


I hope this helps clear up any confusion,


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Hi @KatherineB thanks a lot for your response.

I think our case is different, we didn’t open the store yet so we only have subscribers in our email list. The problem is that when they sign up, some of them receibe the double opt-in validation email and others don’t. But the second ones, get added to the shopify list and (obviously) don’t get added to the klaviyo since they didn’t have the option to validate their subscription. Those ones don’t have either the validation email in spam or promotions.