Ways to re-subscribe after being suppressed

  • 27 August 2022
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Hi there,

I found quite a few entries on this in the discussion boards and Klaviyo help, but none were 100% clear:


If someone who has unsubscribed from an event-based flow later on

  1. completes a purchase,
  2. subscribes to a list (e.g. Newsletter)

… will this lift the suppression and re-enable event-based flow E-mails?


Thanks for your help!


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4 replies

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Also, this raises another very interesting issue:

How can someone unsubscribe from receiving event-based flow E-mails but still remain on the Newsletter list?!

I guess this is extremely relevant for MANY of my customers!!

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Hi @Stefan for BIOBLO, welcome to the community (I haven’t used your products - I’m in Canada, but they look amazing for kids)


Good questions.  So, a few things here:

  1. If someone clicks the unsubscribe link from ANY email you send (Flow or Campaign), they are going to get suppressed from ALL emails
  2. The suppressed profile can be unsuppressed if they make a purchase or re-subscribe to the list according to @alex.hong from a similar question another community member had:
  3. If you want your subscribers to only receive certain emails based on how you categorize it (ie. Campaign vs event based - you’d call it something else for your subscribers though I’d imagine), I’d recommend creating a profile property that they can change on the Preferences page
    1. When you run your flows, you can filter out those who don’t want to receive those emails based on the profile property (ie. Campaign Only = TRUE).


Hope that helps!  Let me now if you have follow up questions.

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Thanks for your answer!

Please correct me:

You are saying that the ONLY way to stay on a Newsletter list while resigning from receiving event-based flow E-mails is this:

  • Offer my customers an alternative to “unsubscribing” by putting a checkbox into the preference page that says something like “Stop automated e-mails while keeping me on the Newsletter list” (maybe a shorter label)
  • Put a flow filter into all of my flows that checks for this property

Also, a practical thing:

  • My settings allow people to unsubscribe from a list and still not be suppressed globally;
  • This means that unsubscribing from a Newsletter mail is not the problem → hitting “unsubscribe” on a Flow email is!
  •  Having said that, I would have to add the checkbox (described above) in the GENERAL “preference page” section (link in Klaviyo main navigation), NOT the one I can access via the List’s settings - correct? 


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Curious, why would you want subscribers to not get flow emails? Have you got feedback from people wanting to unsubscribe from flows?

  • Yes, to updating preferences and then putting on a flow filter (or trigger filter)
  • Global suppression is if you have multiple lists, not for flows vs campaigns (doesn’t matter where they unsubscribe from)
  • I’m not sure where you are referring to about checkbox
    • Here’s a thread on how to implement a manage preferences page: