When trying to edit the mobile version of the success step it jumps to the opt-in layout

  • 6 March 2024
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I have my opt in campaign in place and on each stage of the flow I review the desktop and mobile versions. When I get to the success step for desktop, it looks correct. As soon as I select the mobile version, it jumps to the email opt-in step. So I cant even review the mobile view. When I am on the desktop success page and I look at all of the items/blocks I have them all set to “view on all devices”. Not sure why this is jumping to a totally different screen.


Also I  am not able to see my side image on the mobile layouts. Not sure how to get this image to appear for mobile. Everything looks fine for desktop which shows the image as “cover”.

Thank you for your help and insights


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@iakaren hey there! Thanks for a great question and welcome to the community!

Firstly, I would suggest potentially using a different browser or a different device to log in to Klaviyo and review this. If there is no technical issue within Klaviyo, it might be a simple cache/script blocker/addon preventing you from viewing this fully (it happens very often). If another device displays everything without issue, you may need to clear your cache and disable blockers and addons before you try again.

Secondly, check your settings. Are all the buttons on both desktop and mobile version set up to “show next step” on being clicked? What about the image sizes? Are the images too big for mobile display? Are you sure all of your blocks are set up to show on all devices?

To troubleshoot, you can try and create a popup from Klaviyo’s library and then slowly customize it, testing step by step, until you discover the culprit. If even the Klaviyo’s default templates show the same issue, then it’s certainly something with your device that’s causing the problem.

To find out more about how to make sign up forms in Klaviyo (and a few tips and tricks), please review THIS ARTICLE.

Happy to chat further!



Thank you @StefanUE - your recommendations worked. I really appreciate your time and help!