Why aren't my Shopify subscribers receiving my discount emails?

  • 17 February 2022
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I have seen a response about this before, but for some reason, I don’t seem to find the solution now. I have a flyout form on my site which is working fine, and customers subscribing from there are added to my klaviyo list, but customers subscribing on the footer form on another one I have at the centre of the home page, are added to the list but are no receiving the subscribe discount information. 

I think the only thing missing, is adding the snipped code, but I don't know exactly where. Could someone please point out me in the right direction?
Thank you so much!


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 17 February 2022, 15:51

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Hi @Lela


Welcome to the Community! 


For your embed form at the center of your homepage, do you know if it’s a Klaviyo or Shopify form? If it’s a Shopify form, and isn’t listed in your forms in Klaviyo, have you ensured that you can connected your Klaviyo account to receive Shopify subscribers and add them to the correct list  in your Integrations tab? If this hasn’t been done, this could explain why you find the profiles in your account, but they aren’t added to the right list and therefore not receiving the subscribe discount information. 



If it’s a Klaviyo form, you will need to paste the embed code into the theme files or page editor for your ecommerce store. Where you paste this code will depend on where you want the embedded form to appear and will vary depending on how your site is built and which integration you use. Our Help Center Documentation  will walk you through step-by-step where to paste this code depending on those prior listed factors !


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