Why does my form's field grabs mouse focus?

  • 10 March 2023
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I have a simple email form field in my footer.  It’s placed into my website via straight embed, show to all users.

My issue is the form field grabs my mouses focus automatically, shooting me to the bottom of every page I load.  The Email form field is being treated as a login box, to include my browser asking me if I want to login to this website using my credentials.

This is in latest MAC OS and Safari.  It’s really annoying and I would like to find a way to make the form never grab autofocus.

I read that there was a “attributes” tab for form fields and autofocus was an option that could be clicked or unchecked, however, I cannot locate any such tab or check box.


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Hi @JayH,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

You may want to look into the mac pointer settings or the browser-specific settings if it’s only occurring for Safari (and not impacting other browsers). Here’s a link to their support forum and here’s a link specifically for mouse support.

I hope that’s a helpful start.

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I appreciate the answer however this is happening to my shoppers too. It seems the next best solution is to simply remove the form. This is unfortunate because it gets a lot of use. Maybe I could hide it for klaviyo users, I don’t know what to do here 

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Hi @JayH 


Popping back in here! 


I can definitely understand that that’s a frustrating experience - since our form doesn’t have an autofocus attribute, I would have your developer investigate the code of your website to see if something there could be causing this behavior!


Hope this helps!


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Thank you for your reply.  

I am my developer.

I’m placing the form into the page using your own Klaviyo provided javascript snippet.

I believe what is happening is the form field is simply titled “email” and I’m thinking browsers are just jumping to forms listed as “email” and assuming it should be autofilled, and focus is pushed to the field.  Just so happens mine is at the bottom of my page, which is annoying.


The good side is this form is used by far much more than any other field.  I do with i could hide it though for known klaviyo users of a particular list.

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Why are the developers silent? 7 Months passed after pointing out the bug?

Today I launched a campaign - on mobile in chrome in a private tab when opening a popup window autofocuses on the email input field and opens a half screen keyboard.

This is very bad usability