Why is my Embedded Form Loading Slowly?

  • 23 November 2020
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I embedded a Klaviyo form on a Shopify page and the store owner says the form is taking 30 seconds to appear on his various devices.
I can’t reproduce the issue and see the form appearing in about 1-2 seconds across various browsers/mobile/desktop.
Any insights on how to troubleshoot?


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9 replies

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Hi Claudia, 


Thanks so much for reaching out! Happy to help out here. 


When I visit that page the form does take about 2-3 seconds to load for me. Looking within the Network tab in the developer console in Chrome I can see there is some Javascript on the site that is not loading properly:

The scripts in red are the ones that are not loading properly and the Status column lets us know the reason they are not loading.


403 and 404 errors indicate that the access to those scripts has been forbidden by the requested server. Usually as a result of a permission issue. The “failed” error usually indicates the domain name of the script cannot be resolved and thus can’t be opened. This likely has to do with an issue with the DNS settings. 


The errors with these scripts loading are most likely causing the delay in the embedded form loading. Resolving these should cause the form to load immediately. Please let me know if you have any further questions or if I can provide any additional help!




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Thanks, Kelsey!
I wonder if the scripts are leftovers from apps that have been removed from their store. That seems to be typical with Shopify stores.
I’ll alert the store owner so they can get some help to fix the errors.
Thanks again!

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Yes, that’s a common issue we see. Happy to help! And have a great Thanksgiving :) 

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I’m experiencing a similar issue with my klaviyo form not loading quickly on my shopify page.  Would you mind taking a look and seeing it its due to a similar issue and how I could fix this?  Appreciate the help!

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@k.mcevoy I was hoping you could take a look at my page referenced above.  I am having a similar issue regarding a slow load speed for my klaviyo embed form.  If you could let me know that would be great.  Appreciate the support!

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Hey @essntlwellness , taking a look at your preference page it looks like there are two different Klaviyo Active on Site scripts:


This could be contributing to the slow load time for the form. Removing one of those scripts should fix the issue. 



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My Klaviyo embedded form is also loading slowly. Klaviyo support did remove some Javascript related to a second instance of Klaviyo code recently but form loading still seems slow. The title of the page comes up and later the form making users thinking it is done loading before the form comes up. Users are not waiting.

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I’m experiencing the same issue with my klaviyo embedded form only showing up after +5 seconds. It’s a signup for a waitlist for a product I’m launching soon, so would need the form to show at once.

If you could let me know how to fix that, that would be awesome. Appreciate the quick support! 



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Hey @jjaworsky and @GoeleD,

Klaviyo signup forms, including embedded forms are loaded asynchronously. As @k.mcevoy had pointed out, aspects that can cause your Klaviyo forms to be delayed may be caused by additional codes or scripts loading on your website that may be taking up bandwidth. 

To resolve this, we would recommend reviewing your own site’s code to see if there were any steps you can take towards optimizing your own site’s speed to prevent any delays in the Klaviyo form loading. Common optimization suggestions would be removing any additional codes or scripts pertaining to apps or tools you no longer use on your website, disabling any scripts you are no longer using on your site where the form is loading, and/or resolving any console errors you may have on your site. 

In addition, if you were using an image with your signup form, I would suggest double checking that it follows Klaviyo’s image best practices as detailed in the How to Use Images in Emails Help Center articles as the size of your image file will correlate to the time it takes for your form to load. If you were interested in learning more about signup form designs, I would suggest checking out the Understanding Image Block Settings in a Signup Form and Guide to Optimizing Your Signup Form Experience Academy Course.

If you need assistance optimizing your site, we would suggest working with your developer or finding a Klaviyo partner who can further help you with this. 

Have a great day!