Why is my signup form not appearing on my site?

  • 19 May 2022
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How to make your signup form appear on your site? It worked last night but now its not and has a red ! triangle next to it after i have published it already. how can i fix this problem


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 20 May 2022, 16:28

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Hi @Shy


Welcome to the Community! Happy you’re here! 


Great job on creating what seems to be your first signup form! There could be many reasons why your signup form isn’t appearing on your site such as:

  • The form’s targeting feature is set to display on a certain URL and you aren’t on the correct URL to see it appear
  • You’re trying to view the form on Internet Explorer
  • You accidentally created a duplicate account, which is causing the form to unsuccessfully render and not know which account to display

I’d recommend checking out our documentation on this as it will walk you through all the possible issues it might be. Additionally, I would hover over the red triangle to see if there’s a message attached to the notification. It could be a message not related to the sign up form’s functionality, but it’s performance. However, if you just installed the form, it would be understandable why its ‘performance’ is low.


Finally, I’d suggest checking out these Academy courses to build on your product knowledge and Klaviyo insight!


Thanks for participating in the Community!